Text Box: ITC Scuba
for lovers of the underwater world
Text Box: What is all the hype about Tec Diving?
Tec Diving (or more correctly Technical Diving) evolved as an extension of Recreational Diving. Originally it was only for the daring and the brave, but as technology and skills continue to develop, the boundaries between Tec and Recreational Diving are slowly disappearing.
So what can Tec Diving offer you?
What if you ...
don’t want to dive deeper but stay underwater for longer?
doing underwater photography/videography?
are a deep junkie? Want to explore deeper?
are interested in Shipwrecks?
heard about Rebreathers - What is that about?

Theuns van Niekerk

Mixed Gas Rebreather Instructor Trainer


Text Box: Change Your Style
Often scuba divers jump into the water, swim like torpedoes to nowhere, turn around and return to the boat after 45 minutes. What’s the point in that?
Usually the dive boat will anchor at the nice spots, and if you swim off like a torpedo then what do you hope to see elsewhere?
There is an alternative way. Drop down, swim a small distance and find an interesting spot. Make yourself comfortable and stay as still as possible. Relax your breathing and just observe the underwater wild life around you.


· Sidemount Instructor

· Technical Dive Instructor

· Rebreather Instructor for Recreational Divers 

· Rebreather Instructor 

· Mixed Gas Instructor 

Text Box: Initially the animals will scatter away, after a short while their curiosity will lead them back to you and they will check you out from a safe distance.
After all, they don't know if you are there to eat them or not. Make sure you only make slow movements, so that you don’t startle them. 
Then wait for the magic to begin. They will accept you in their environment and start to go about their normal lives, and do what they do as if you were not there.
You will be amazed at the “story” that will unfold in front of you. If you have a camera, make sure you keep it switched on all the time. The perfect picture will unfold without notice.
Be calm, make only slow movements, and be ready with that camera.
How long do you have to wait? That will vary from location to location, but don't be surprised if you have to wait for 15 or 20 minutes to see the magic unfold.
If you need more bottom time: Consider Nitrox, Sidemount tanks, or even a Rebreather.
Rebreather and Tec Diving Courses
Purchasing a Rebreather is a sizeable investment of time and money. When you consider to join the world of “silent diving” it can be a daunting task to select a model.
What if it fails?
There are many factors to consider and often instructors will try to persuade new students to buy the units they have invested  time and money themselves.
Probably the most critical assessment of a Rebreather is to evaluate the options available to the diver should the equipment malfunction at the most inconvenient time. 
Text Box: About Us
My name is Theuns van Niekerk and I live in Asia and specialize in teaching Closed Circuit Rebreathers and Open Circuit Tec Diving, diver and instructor levels. 
I teach in the Philippines and have agreements with three locations that I use according to the type of course that I teach. The three locations are in:
Cebu - Philippines. 
Coron / Busuanga - Philippines. 
Anilao - Philippines. 
I am an Instructor and Instructor Trainer with TDI-SDI and teach up to Advanced Mixed Gas (100m) on Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreathers. 
I have done over 5,000 dives of which 1,500 are Closed Circuit Rebreather dives, with depths up to 130m (430ft).

Gunter Bernert


“Being a scuba instructor for more than 20 years myself, I did my TDI Buddy Inspiration and CCR Mixed Gas

diver courses with Theuns.

I really appreciated these courses with him, now as a Diver Level Student. I like his professionalism and individual style and competence. He taught me how to safely dive Rebreathers. All thumbs up!!”

Gunter Bernert

TDI SDI Philippines


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