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I compiled a series of short videos of the coral reefs in Cebu. Taking underwater video requires patience and a lot of time. 
The wildlife on the reef can see and hear (and probably smell) you from far away. Being experts at evading predators they take precautionary action and hide from us. Just being in their environment changes their behavior. 
The only way to coax them out of hiding and continue with their natural behavior is to be non-threatening and quiet. No sudden movements and no bubble noise. 
Conventional scuba gear is very noisy and the bubbles on every exhale is perceived as aggressive behavior by much of the underwater wildlife.
A Closed Circuit Rebreather goes a long way to blend in with the environment for long periods of time. Closed Circuit Rebreathers recycle the exhaled gas and replenish the used oxygen. At the surface a rebreather will use about 20 times less gas than conventional scuba gear. As you descend deeper and the water pressure increase the economy of a rebreather increases dramatically. At a depth of 20m/60ft a rebreather will use about  50 to 60 times less gas than conventional scuba gear.
There is no doubt that a rebreather can stay underwater for many hours before it runs out of gas. This is very useful when you have to wait for wildlife to relax and accept you as part of their environment.
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Goat fish eating

These goat fish were taking turns at digging in the sand, obviously feeding on something the dug up. At first they were apprehensive at my presence but after a while they accepted me as part of their environment and continued with their dinner.

Jelly fish tumbling along

As I descended I saw this jelly fish tumbling along in the current. Some fish were taking bites out of it's "mantle" and it seemed out of control. I drifted along with the camera. It happened so fast I did not even have time to unfold the underwater lights. It came floating by, carried along by the strong current, and all I could do was press the record button and drift along.

Lizard fish pooping

It took me about 20 minutes to crawl closer to this lizard fish. I wanted to see how close I could get to get a nice full frame view. The "reward" I got, this guy took a dump right there and then jerked his jaw, like saying "ahhh see that!".

Reef fish

After a couple of hours on the reef, my camera battery was almost run out and as I returned I came across these guys hanging out under a mooring.

The coral reef

Compilation of various scenes of a coral reef. The black lion fish towards the end came up to me and swam right into the camera lens. He had no fear of me at all and continued to swim around me for a long time.

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