Text Box: Diver Course
Closed Circuit Rebreather with Decompression and Advanced Mixed Gas 
Dive Depth Limit 100m/330ft
Gas: Oxygen and Hypoxic Trimix (Oxygen, Helium & Nitrogen).
Maximum Deco Time: No Limit
Student Prerequisites
Min age 18 years
Min 100 logged Rebreather dives
Min 100 logged hours on Rebreather
Min 50 hours Rebreather dives deeper than 30m/100ft.
Advanced Nitrox certification (or equivalent).
Decompression Procedures certification (or equivalent).
Suitable for
Photographers & videographers working in deep water up to 100m/330ft, that need to extend their bottom times to get the perfect shot.
Sport divers that want to enjoy a silent and relaxed dive up to 100m/330ft.
Commercial divers that need extra bottom time to get the job done at depth.
Sport divers exploring inside shipwrecks. (Additional certifications for Wreck diving required).
Deep water explorers.