Text Box: Diver Course
Trimix Diver
Dive Depth Limit 60m/200ft
Gas: Oxygen and Trimix (Min 18% Oxygen, Helium & Nitrogen).
Maximum Deco Time: No Limit
Student Prerequisites
Min age 18 years
Min 100 logged open water dives
Advanced Nitrox certification (or equivalent)
Decompression Procedures certification (or equivalent)
Extended Range certification (or equivalent)
Suitable for
Photographers & videographers working in water up to 60m/200ft.
Sport divers that want to enjoy a silent and relaxed dive up to 60m/200ft.
Commercial Divers that need to extra bottom time to get the job done.
Sport divers exploring inside shipwrecks.(Additional certifications for Advanced Wreck diving required).
Deep water explorers.